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ACREL-2000 power monitoring system in Dahua Jinxiu Huacheng 4-2-3 plot
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  Abstract: Intelligent monitoring of power distribution systems on the user side of commercial users has become widespread. The system designs and installs smart meters for the main energy nodes on the user side, and then monitors the working status of each energy circuit in real time through the back-end system; and measures the power consumption, water consumption and gas consumption of each circuit. By monitoring the energy and related power parameters in real time, improving the safety, reliability and maintenance efficiency of energy consumption, reducing the labor cost of maintenance, the unattended monitoring of the power distribution system is realized. Through the use of real-time monitoring of energy, data collection and storage, the operational status of the power supply and distribution system is clarified, providing users with data to save power maintenance costs and reasonable charges for the property. The ACREL-2000 power monitoring system used in the Dahua Jinxiu Huacheng 4-2-3 plot project is now a brief introduction to the intelligent use of the user side.

  Keywords: Dahua Jinxiu Huacheng 4-2-3 plot power monitoring unattended intelligent distribution system distribution automation


  In the commercial power distribution system of the commercial operation, the original manual meter reading, system maintenance has long been unable to meet the current economic development system, and the current intelligent configuration requirements. The intelligentization of power supply and distribution systems has become a basic requirement for commercial building owners and property management companies. Real-time monitoring of the user's side energy through the intelligent system, through the accumulation and analysis of the distribution system operation data, effective and reasonable maintenance of the power distribution system.

  The ACREL-2000 power monitoring system is a user-side power monitoring system developed for the above trends. The system displays the energy consumption and operation status of the entire distribution system in the form of tables or graphs by real-time measurement, storage and analysis of the energy used in the loops of the substation of the Dahua Jinxiu Huacheng 4-2-3 block project. Quantify the operating status of the system and provide data basis for the daily management and maintenance of the manager.

  This paper takes Dahua Jinxiu Huacheng 4-2-3 plot as an example to briefly introduce the application of ACREL-2000 power monitoring system in Dahua Jinxiu Huacheng 4-2-3 block distribution system.

  1 Project introduction

  The Dahua Jinxiu Huacheng 4-2-3 plot project is located at the junction of Yanggao South Road and Chengshan Road in Pudong New Area. It is a large commercial building. The underground part is two-storey, mainly for garages and equipment, etc.; the upper floors 1~3 are large commercial buildings, and the 4~14 floors are commercial buildings. The total construction area is approximately 52,000 square meters and the height of the main building is approximately 65 meters. The structure is a cast-in-place concrete slab with a frame structure.

  Two 10/0.4kV substations are set up on the basement level of the project. One of them is the main station, which supplies power to the underground garage and commercial building, and the other is a sub-station to supply power for large commercial buildings. The main station is equipped with a power distribution room, a duty room, and a high-voltage power distribution cabinet, a transformer cabinet, a low-voltage power distribution cabinet, etc., and two 1000KVA dry-type transformers are selected. There are power distribution rooms in the sub-station, transformer cabinets, low-voltage power distribution cabinets, etc., and two 2000KVA transformers are selected.

  In this project, the power supply and distribution system of the substation is monitored in real time. By monitoring the operation data of the distribution system in real time, improving the maintenance efficiency of the system and the stability of power supply and distribution, it provides a technical basis for the safe operation of the data port. . The ACREL-2000 power monitoring system collects, stores, and processes the data of smart meters, and exports them in the form of graphs and reports, providing management personnel with specific power consumption details.

  2 User requirements

  In this project, the real-time data collection and energy report statistics and display of the comprehensive protection and related equipment in the substation are mainly displayed. After the basic needs are analyzed and analyzed, they are divided into the following aspects:

  Data acquisition and real-time display of transformer temperature controller;

  Data acquisition and real-time display of multi-function instruments for high-voltage cabinets;

  Real-time data collection and real-time display of integrated protection;

  The remote opening and closing action of the comprehensive insurance;

  Collect data uploading, real-time docking and sharing with third-party systems;

  User privilege level management, different levels of privilege to achieve different levels of management operations;

  3 design plan

  3.1 Reference Standard

  The system is designed to meet the manufacturing and testing standards listed below:

  JGJ/T 16-92 "Electrical Design Code for Civil Buildings"

  GB/J63-90 "Design Specification for Electrical Measuring Instruments for Electrical Installations"

  GB/T13730 "General technical conditions for regional grid data acquisition and monitoring systems"

  GB2887 "Technical Requirements for Computing Station Sites"

  GB/50198-94 "Technical Specifications for Monitoring System Engineering"

  DL/T 698.31-2010 Part 3.1: Technical Specifications for Power Information Collection Terminals - General Requirements

  DL/T 698.35-2010 Part 3-5: Technical specification for power information collection terminal - Particular requirements for low-voltage centralized meter reading terminal

  DL/T 698.41-2010 Part 4-1: Communication Protocol - Communication between the primary station and the energy information collection terminal

  DL/T 698.42-2010 Part 4-2: Communication Protocols - Concentrator Downlink Communication Protocol

  DL/T/814-2002 "Functional Automation System Functional Specifications"

  3.2 System Architecture Design

  In view of the scale and nature of the Dahua Jinxiu Huacheng 4-2-3 plot and the nature of the subsequent development of the follow-up project, the system department of Ankerui Electric Co., Ltd. is based on the needs of users and in the same nature project. The experience of the building's intelligent distribution system is designed as follows: Dahua Jinxiu Huacheng 4-2-3 plots are now equipped with intelligent power meters at all monitoring points, and all adopt the standard Modbus-RTU protocol. The smart meters installed on site are connected by hand through the shielded twisted pair cable, and the data bus is directly laid to the substation duty room where the host is located. The data bus transmits data to the system host through a protocol conversion isolator. System diagram 1 is shown.


  figure 1

  4 system function

  The PC software adopts ACREL-2000 power monitoring system, and completes the functions of software monitoring and power monitoring in the host computer through software configuration, database variable configuration and interface design.

  4.1 Features

  ACREL-2000 power monitoring system adopts full Chinese interface, which is easy to operate and stable and reliable. Click the corresponding shortcut button to enter the corresponding system function module; the system has a system diagram display, simulation diagram display and network structure diagram display; the system has a friendly man-machine interface, and the display data is intuitive and convenient for users to consult.

  4.2 Software features:

  4.2.1 Communication diagram

  The communication diagram is a topology diagram showing whether the communication between the system and the instrument is normal. The change of the color of the interface module reflects the running status of each monitoring point of the entire system. The interface is shown in Figure 2.


  Figure 2 Communication

  4.2.2 Monitoring details

  The monitoring details reflect the name of the entire system distribution circuit, the corresponding distribution system, and the main electrical parameters of the circuit. Through the display of real-time data, the operation data of each monitoring loop of the project is visually reflected, which is convenient for the manager to know the running status of the system in real time. The interface is shown in Figure 3.

  Figure 3 Monitoring details

  4.2.3 Parameter meter reading

  The parameter report reflects the operational data of the monitoring loop of the project at a certain point in time, and the real-time parametric data at a current or past time point reflects the loop status. The main data includes: three-phase voltage, three-phase current, electric energy, active power, reactive power, power compensation factor, frequency. The interface is shown in Figure 4.

  Figure 4 parameter reading

  4.2.4 Energy Report

  The energy report is the management of the power consumption in the form of a report. The report can realize the functions of monthly meter reading, daily meter reading, hour meter reading, etc., and can be exported or printed in Excel at any time during the system operation. The interface is shown in Figure 5.


  Figure 5 Energy Report

  4.2.5 Curve interface

  The system also designs a curve interface for important loops, which is convenient for the maintenance party to grasp the operating state of important loops in real time. The interface is shown in Figure 6.


  Figure 6 Curve interface

  5 Conclusion

  The intelligent, transparent and high-efficiency requirements of the building distribution system have prompted the market to provide corresponding solutions. At present, the company mainly installs smart meters in the power supply and distribution system of the building, that is, the entrance and exit nodes of the substation, and uses computer network integration technology to provide customers with remote meter reading, data storage, data processing and other services to help customers grasp the building in real time. Use energy status to realize intelligent management of building energy.

  Dahua Jinxiu Huacheng 4-2-3 block power monitoring system realizes real-time collection, storage, display and export of power distribution system data. A smart meter is installed at an important node of the power distribution system, and thus a real-time data monitoring system of the power distribution system. At the same time of system design, installation and commissioning, the parameters of the power distribution system are also combed and checked in detail; the verification of the power supply system is carried out by checking the power parameters of the site. The system realizes the analysis and processing of the collected data, displays the power usage status of the power distribution loops of the owner in real time, and has a pop-up alarm when the load exceeds the limit, and generates various energy reports, analysis curves, graphics, and the like. The installation of the system facilitates the collection of various power parameters. Through the analysis and research of the data, the management party formulates the corresponding energy service plan. The system is safe, reliable and stable. It also solves the problem of unclear specific power consumption of each distribution circuit for the end users of the distribution system, and provides a real and reliable basis for the maintenance of the power system and the development of reasonable property services.


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