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Electrical Fire Monitoring of Office Building of Jiangsu Province (Yijing) Photovoltaic Engineering Research Institute
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Basic Information:

  Project Name: Electrical Fire Monitoring System of Office Building of Jiangsu Province (Yijing) Photovoltaic Engineering Research Institute

  Project Location: Changzhou

  Implementation time: 2014

Project Description:

The office building of Jiangsu Province (Yijing) Photovoltaic Engineering Research Institute has invested 300 million yuan in special funds for the Yijing Photovoltaic Research Institute, and newly built a research and development site of 50,000 square meters, which is to promote the technological innovation of Jintan photovoltaic industry and enhance the core competitiveness of its products. It has laid a solid foundation for the creation of “Photovoltaic Capital” of Jintan, and also added a strong driving force for the development of the province's photovoltaic industry.

The electrical fire project of the office building of Jiangsu (Yijing) Photovoltaic Engineering Research Institute consists of electrical fire monitoring background, electrical fire detector and leakage current transformer.

The system networking is divided into three layers: station control management layer, network communication layer and field equipment layer. One communication bus is in the south and north areas of the project. The monitoring device is connected by hand in the floor distribution box. Wall-mounted background, the main artery that makes up the electrical fire system. The leakage current transformer in the cabinet is connected to the leakage detector through the current line, and the leakage detector displays the leakage condition in real time to form a set of stable and reliable electrical fire monitoring system.

System implemented functions:

  1. Monitoring alarm The monitoring equipment can receive the leakage and temperature information of multiple detectors, and emit an audible and visual alarm signal when the alarm occurs.

  2. Fault alarm When a communication fault occurs between the monitoring device and any of the connected detectors, the corresponding detector in the monitoring screen displays a fault indication, and the yellow “fault” indicator on the device lights up, and a fault alarm sound is emitted. .

  3. The system self-test checks whether all status indicators, display screens and speakers in the device are normal.

  4. Alarm record storage query When the leakage, over-temperature alarm or communication or power failure occurs, the alarm part, fault information, alarm time and other information are stored in the database. When the alarm is released and the fault is eliminated, the same is recorded.

  5. Detector control Through the monitoring software operation, all detectors connected to the device can be remotely reset controlled.

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