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Design and Application of Electric Power Monitoring System in Northeast Agricultural University
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Basic Information:

  Project Name: Design and Application of Electric Power Monitoring System of Northeast Agricultural University

  Project Location: Harbin

  Implementation time: December 2010

Project Description:

 Northeast Agricultural University was founded in Harbin in 1948. It was originally called Northeast Agricultural College. The Heilongjiang Provincial People's Government and the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Agriculture jointly established a university. Northeast Agricultural University is located at No. 59, Timber Street, Xiangfang District, Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province. It is the first batch of “211 Project” key construction universities in the country with “agriculture as the advantage, life science and food science as the characteristics, and coordinated development of agriculture, industry, science, economics and management”.

  The field devices are all concentrated in the same power distribution room, and the owner's electrical duty room is arranged next to the power distribution room. The system monitoring center is also placed in the duty room. The system networking adopts a common 3-layer structure, which controls the management layer, the communication management layer, and the field device layer.

  The field equipment layer equipment is 600 power meters. These devices are installed on the respective distribution circuits according to the design requirements. Data interaction with the host computer system is realized through the RS-485 interface. The communication protocol of the multi-function meter is about Modbus-RTU; the communication management layer is composed of two Nport-5630 serial servers. The serial port server converts the RS-485 bus protocol into an industrial Ethernet protocol, and connects to the station management layer host through TCP/IP to construct a data link. The communication management equipment is installed in the operator's station of the electric duty room, and is installed together with the station management management equipment; the station management management equipment is the North China industrial control host, display, HP printer and Santa UPS power supply, all installed on the electrical duty In the operating room of the room. The Acrel-2000 power monitoring system software installed on the host computer realizes the collection, processing and various human-computer interaction functions of the field instrument data.

System implemented functions:

  The main monitoring functions of the system:

  1. High-voltage primary system diagram, photon card status monitoring, transformer temperature information online monitoring;

  2. DC screen real-time information display and analog screen switch state control;

  3. Real-time monitoring of low-voltage primary system diagrams and online analysis of power quality;

  4. Current trend analysis and over-limit alarm, energy consumption statistics and report query, analysis and printing.

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