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ACTB current transformer overvoltage protector
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  1 Overview

  Current transformer (referred to as CT) in operation, if the secondary winding is open or the primary winding flows abnormal current (such as lightning current, resonant over current, capacitor charging current, inductor starting current, etc.), it will generate several thousand volts on the secondary side. Even over 10,000 volts of overvoltage. This will not only damage the CT and secondary equipment, but also seriously threaten the life safety of the operating personnel and cause significant economic losses. The current transformer secondary overvoltage protector (ACTB for short) can effectively prevent accidents caused by abnormal high voltage on the secondary side of the current transformer.

  ACTB series current transformer overvoltage protector is mainly used for abnormal overvoltage protection on various CT secondary sides. During normal operation, the secondary side of the transformer is in an approximate short-circuit state, and the output voltage is very low. Once the CT is opened twice, it can respond to the voltage limit immediately after an abnormal spike overvoltage, and the short-circuit is delayed, thereby providing protection. The faulty part is displayed on the panel and there is a passive node signal output. After the circuit is faulted, it will work again. Compared with peers, our company's ACTB has the advantages of input circuit protection, auxiliary power supply AC and DC, and wide working range.

  The protector is applied to differential windings, overcurrent windings, measuring windings, busbar protection windings, backup windings, etc. of various CT secondary sides.

  2, model description

  3, technical parameters

  4, shape and size (unit: mm)

  5, the terminal block (unit: mm)

  ●ACTB-1 current transformer overvoltage protector

  ●ACTB-3 current transformer overvoltage protector

  ●ACTB-6 current transformer overvoltage protector

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