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Energy consumption monitoring system function design principle
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  The main functions of the energy monitoring system:

  1. Support data collection of various meter and water meter energy consumption;

  2. Support wireless data acquisition or Ethernet data acquisition;

  3. Support the electricity consumption statistics of sub-sectors;

  4. Support the statistics of the type of electricity used;

  5. Support energy data aggregation, printing and export;

  6. Suitable for energy consumption monitoring in factories, hospitals, schools and institutions;


  Energy consumption monitoring system design principles

  Reliability and stability principle

  The system equipment hardware adopts high-reliability industrial-grade products, which has better adaptability than the monitored environment in the temperature and humidity range of the operating environment, anti-electromagnetic interference, noise and vibration, and air dust content.

  Both the monitoring and control execution devices use a dual power supply structure, and no power supply interruption occurs in any of the power supply problems. Built-in emergency power module, the system can be equipped with backup emergency power supply for its own and front-end acquisition and monitoring equipment. When the mains and UPS outside the system are completely interrupted, the backup power supply support system can be started to delay operation, so that the monitoring information can be in the system. Completely power off and terminate the operation before delivery to the monitoring manager.

  Each managed power supply of the control actuator is controlled by the on-off dual control signal in parallel, and the default normally closed output, foreseeable in the control host failure, the control line is accidentally unplugged, and the controller itself is powered off and restarted. In extreme cases, the power supply line of the running network device can maintain the state, so as to avoid the system power supply interruption affecting the normal power consumption of the controlled device.

  Safety and rigor

  The data communication above the internal network layer of the energy consumption monitoring system adopts a custom proprietary protocol, which can fully reduce the network attack threat of the operation and maintenance system, and at the same time customize the external communication interface that provides general or special protocols according to user requirements, ensuring the realization on the basis of security. The openness and breadth of the application.

  The energy consumption monitoring system adopts the C/S-based and B/S-assisted system structure. For the users of the operation and maintenance management level, the system adopts the C/S structure with better security and the Ethernet network of the industrial computer. The communication structure of the system, and the remote access operation control of the main control server is realized by the hardware remote login mode (human machine interface OVER IP) through strict authentication, and the human-machine interface of the system and the Internet completely isolated from the data link layer is realized. Linking allows the system to support network remote operation control while freeing the system from exposure to public network risks.

  The energy consumption monitoring system supports strict multi-level user rights management, and supports flexible partition browsing, classification, and hierarchical flexible authorization browsing, control, and configuration management to ensure that all levels, regions, and users can receive corresponding monitoring and configuration as needed. , control permissions and user interface.

  Advanced and practical principles

  The energy consumption monitoring system adopts the all-digital structure, adopts the modern advanced low-power, embedded computer technology and distributed network monitoring distributed automatic control technology, and adopts digital sensors and digital monitors to realize the collected data at the forefront of the system. The digital acquisition is realized by analog-to-digital conversion. The front end is based on the RS485 industrial control digital communication bus to realize the digital transmission of the monitoring control data monitored by the acquisition control terminal and the monitoring workstation. Each monitoring workstation realizes real-time data communication with the central server based on the Ethernet network communication. In turn, all-digital monitoring, real-time energy-saving control of various types of heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting, and energy consumption of office appliances in each room in a large public building group are realized by full digital technology.

  The energy consumption monitoring system can not only monitor the energy consumption and energy efficiency data of each device in real time, accurately, comprehensively and reliably, but also provide the administrator with real-time monitoring data of energy consumption and energy efficiency of each device, and can be set according to the energy consumption set by the user. The energy efficiency level informs and alerts the situation that the energy consumption is too large and the energy efficiency is too low, reminding the user to carry out equipment maintenance, maintenance or replacement, and providing first-hand accurate assessment for the energy-saving measures of various equipment and the energy-saving effect of energy-saving equipment. Data; more automatic energy-saving control based on custom time period, custom strategy, custom threshold and linkage object and linkage action for air conditioner, ventilation, public lighting, office lighting, water heater, etc., so as to achieve accurate energy consumption Delivered to achieve energy saving purposes.


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